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A unique cultural enrichment

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Musée du Louvre

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Your private guided tour of the Louvre Museum

Would you like to (re)discover Art history ? Enjoy a favoured and unique experience :
A guided and private tour of the most visited museum in the world : the Louvre !

During this private tour i will show you the most famous works of art of the Musée du Louvre
Here is an overview of my general tour :

  • History of the castle of Louvre : from the fortress to the royal Palace.

  • Ancient Greece : of course, i will show you the Venus de Milo and the winged Victory of Samothrace.

  • Italian Renaissance : paintings of Leonardo da Vinci,  Botticelli…

  • French paintings of the 19th century : the coronation of Napoleon, the Raft of the Medusa, Liberty guiding the people

visite guidée musée du louvre david sacre napoleon
photo visite guidée musée louvre mylene
Enjoy the benefits of your private guided tour of the Louvre museum
    • Small group of max. 6 people

    • A special moment with only you, your friends, your family and me !
    • An adaptable tour according to your preferences : tell me what you would like to see the most !

    • The pace you want : you won’t be hurried by the others if you want to take your time. And if you like to walk quickly it’s also possible 🙂
    • Ask me all the questions you want during your private tour of the Louvre museum

    • About twenty works of art to discover, in a 2-hour tour.

Do you want me to talk about something specific ? Here are my specialties :
visite guidée leonard de vinci sainte anne musée du louvre
Italian paintings

If you want, it is possible during our private tour of the Louvre to focus on Italian paintings to understand the specificities of the Renaissance. By the way, did you know the word “renaissance” is a French word ? 😀
I can explain the evolution of Italian paintings from the Middle-ages to Caravaggio. We could address both Florentine or Venitian art to see the differences and see paintings by Giotto, Botticelli, Perugino, Raphael, Leonardo, Veronese, Titian…

visite guidée delacroix liberté guidant le peuple musée du louvre
French paintings

There is a lot of rooms in the Louvre museum dedicated to French paintings ! We can address French paintings from the 14th century to the middle of the 19th century (beyond this period, you must go to the Orsay museum). Tell me which era you would like to focus on for your guided tour of the Louvre.
Chronogically, the most famous French painters are Fouquet, Clouet, Champaigne, Poussin, Lebrun, Watteau, Fragonard, David, Ingres, Géricault, Delacroix…

visite guidée art grec plaque des ergastines musée du louvre
Greek art

Greek art is so important if you enjoy art because in Western art it is considered as the basis of most of the movements, especially Greek sculpture. In each private tour of the Louvre I recommend to have a look at Greek art but we can focus on it even more if you like !

visite guidée lesueur ganymède musée du louvre
Greek mythology

If you like Greek art like I do, you should love all the beautiful god stories the Greeks used to create ! It’s a good way to review the names of the different gods and goddesses and to hear some of their incredible stories. In this case, our private guided tour will not focus on art history but more on the subject matter depicted in the works of art of the Louvre.

visite guidée palais du louvre paris
History of the palace of Louvre

The Louvre palace had a long history and we could talk about it for hours !
It took 800 years to build all the parts of the building you can see nowadays, including the modern pyramid. During a classic guided tour I often show the foundations of the former fortress which are impressive. But I can also show you some rooms commissionned by the French kings and even talk about the beginnings of the Museum.

Can we skip the line when we go to the Louvre with a private tour guide ?

Unfortunately…not really ! As a tour guide I don’t have the right anymore to let you enter the museum with me by skiping the line.
But there are solutions to avoid queuing :

  • if you book with me, I will ask you to buy your tickets online here :
    Please take a ticket for all the participants of the guided tour, even for visitors who will have a free entrance like children (it’s possible to book free tickets online). With tickets you will enter the museum faster.
  • before we meet, I will give you our meeting point : we will avoid the main entrance of the Louvre museum (pyramid) to enter by the shopping gallery called “Carrousel” where waiting time is generally very short.