Your tour guide of the Louvre Museum - Who am I ?

My background

I started to be interested in art and history when i was about 16 year-old. 

I first enter a school to study drawings, where i discover art history and I fell in love with it !
My favourite experience was at the “Ecole du Louvre”, a great school inside the Louvre Museum, specialized in Art History studies. There I had studied art for 3 years, from the Prehistory until today .
I also specialized in French Art of the 19th century.

After that, I passed a specific exam at the University in order to become a tour guide and get my professionnal license.
Yes, in France you can’t be improvised tour guide !
It’s also a way to give you high-quality tours

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What I can bring you

I often hear my clients saying “oh I didn’t notice this !” or “I need to be guided otherwise I don’t know what to look at” !

My aim is to help you to observe better the works of art by giving you the knowledge you need to understand what you are looking at.
My tours are totally easy to understand, which doesn’t mean the content is too light !
I take a lot of time to prepare my tours and I hope you’ll keep good memories of your tour

Are we on the same page ?

I guess you want to do a tour to have a good time in Paris, don’t you ?

So what I want to give you is a nice and friendly tour, where you can laugh, interrupt me, give your opinion. I’m not your teacher so I won’t be too formal 😉
I’m also a humble person and I don’t know everything, so if you ask me something I won’t hesitate to say “I don’t know” if it’s the case !

If you’re OK with all of this, I’m looking forward to meeting you !

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Enough about me !

What about you ? What have you planned ? what can I do for you ?